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3 Breakthrough Filler Products

At Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery, your treatment procedure is not determined by the newest injectable. Our board certified facial plastic surgeon determines your treatment based on the results you wish to achieve along with the effects and length of lasting effect you desire. And while we research and offer the best performing and most researched products, we’re happy to say that there have never been better products on the market to help our patients achieve fullness in their lips, cheeks and mouth until now.

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Kybella®—Double Chin Reduction Treatment Offered in Evansville

Even after a regimen of endless exercise or dieting, excessive fat below the chin can be difficult or impossible to eliminate. A “double chin” used to be difficult to reduce, but a new injectable treatment called Kybella® has completely changed the expectation. And, the treatment is performed in Evansville by our board certified facial plastic surgeon. 

Kybella® is a new, FDA-approved procedure that uses deoxycholic acid to break down and absorb the dietary fat a double chin is composed of.

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Are Lip Enhancements Right for Me?

One of the more popular procedures being requested today is lip enhancement. Lip enhancement can include temporary or permanent results–surgical or nonsurgical procedures. How do you know which action is right for you?

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10 Questions to Ask Your Facial Plastic Surgeon

Interested in facial plastic surgery? Whether you’re considering rhinoplasty, facelift, or another procedure, it’s important to choose the most qualified surgeon. During your consultation, you should have a list of questions prepared to ask. Take a look at our ten questions to ask your facial plastic surgeon.

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