Laser Skin Treatments
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Laser Skin Treatments

evansville midwest facial plastic surgery laser skin treatmentsA fresher complexion, firmer feeling skin, and a more youthful overall look are all some of the obvious benefits of laser skin treatments. If you're looking to reduce crow's feet, forehead lines, under-eye circles, brown spots, or a myriad of other blemishes, laser skin treatments may be what you're seeking. At our Evansville, Indiana office, Dr. Paik provides several treatments to tailor to your specific goals in achieving a smoother, more youthful look.


Micro Laser Peel™

The "Weekend Peel" as the Micro Laser Peel™ has been called, offers a quick and easy solution for those of us seeking improvements to our skin's appearance without the extended recovery time of more substantial procedures. But don't let its "Procedure on Thursday, back to work on Monday" nature fool you. Micro Laser Peel™ can nevertheless offer dramatic improvements to uneven tone and texture, light and moderate wrinkles, signs of aging, irregular pigmentation, and sun damage, among other issues. Micro Laser Peel™ can even treat delicate skin areas including the eyes, mouth, lips, neck and chest, and all with with a minimal recovery time of 3-6 days. The laser's computer-guided scanner ensures uniformity and precision with minimal discomfort, post-treatment care, or recovery time.


ProFractional™ Laser Treatments

ProFractional™ Laser Treatments targets deep tissue damage within the skin, and in its place stimulates the growth of new collagen. The result is clearer, smoother skin that appears tighter, fuller, and more healthy. Some of the issues alleviated by ProFractional™ Laser Treatments include scars, sun damage and wrinkles, brown marks, and acne scars (including difficult "crater" scars). Even difficult blemishes show dramatic improvement after ProFractional™ Laser Treatments.


Skin Firming/Skin Tyte®

Skin Tyte® simultaneously protects the area being treated with sapphire contact cooling while deeply heating soft tissue with infrared lighting. This infrared, targeted heating has been shown to stimulate coagulation and collagen contraction, which in turn results in firmer, healthier, more youthful skin. Over several months using Skin Tyte®, patients will witness their body's own natural healing process produce a smoother, less-wrinkled, and more radiant surface.


CynoSure Smoothshapes XV

The SmoothShapes XV device uses the proprietary Photomology® platform: a process that treats cellulite by combining 915 continuous wave diode laser and 650 LED energy along with mechanical manipulation (vacuum and massage). SmoothShapes XV addresses the underlying causes and physical manifestations of cellulite by treating enlarged fat cells and brittle or inflexible fibre septae, providing results that patients can see and feel. 

The Laser Powered Cellulite and Body Shaping Solution

  • Consistent & reliable tissue temperature elevation
  • No Consumables
  • SmoothSpeedTM - Audible & visual treatment guidance

The NEW SmoothShapes® Petite handpiece delivers results for smaller sized patients and even more treatment areas like knees, arms and calves. The Petite handpiece is approximately half the weight of the XV handpiece but packs a powerful punch with 42% more power density than the original XV handpiece.

Optimize treatment time by utilizing the appropriate handpiece for your selected treatment area. The XV handpiece is ideal for treatment of problematic cellulite areas such as thighs or abdomens. Complementary to the XV, Petite now allows for treatment of the whole body with matched clinical efficacy. Petite is specifically designed for cellulite reduction and contour improvement in smaller sized patients and those delicate, hard to treat areas, such as the knees, arms, bra bulge, and calves.

85% of Petite patients report smooth skin 1 month post series of treatments.

SmoothShapes XV with Petite now adds:

  • Treatment of the whole patient, shoulders to calves and the areas in between
  • Increased power, decreased weight
  • Enhanced ergonomics for treatment
  • Improved suction adjustment feature
  • Increased comfort for patients and clinicians alike

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