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Chemical Peel

evansville midwest facial plastic surgery chemical peelsOver time, the appearance of your skin changes due to the accumulative effects of aging, genetics, and exposure to the sun and to pollutants. This results in age spots, sun spots, freckles, wrinkling, splotching, or a dullness in the skin tone. Chemical peels offer an effective way to treat these issues and refresh the skin's appearance. Chemical peels work by applying a solution to the skin to remove the surface layers of the skin, after which a new layer of skin with improved smoothness, tone, texture, and clarity emerges.

At our Evansville, Indiana office, we offer several types of chemical peels, creating a smooth, clear, and natural looking result, and restoring our clients to a youthful and vibrant appearance.

We provide several levels of chemical peels to fit the needs of our clients: "light," "medium," or "deep." This allows our doctors to precisely match the variances within each person's face to the most appropriate type of chemical peel. Some facial areas may need a lighter peel, while other areas may warrant heavier treatment. This flexibility allows us to structure and adapt each treatment individually to provide even and natural looking results.


Light Peels

"Light" chemical peels include alpha-hydroxy acid or fruit acid treatments such as glycolic, lactic, or fruit acid peels. The "light" peels are mild and can be repeated to with minimal recovery time to get the desired results for sun-damage, mild wrinkling, and uneven pigmentation.  


Medium Peels

"Medium" peels include trichloracetic acid peels (TCA). These peels affect deeper layers of skin are are used in moderate cases of wrinkling, sun-damage, and blotched pigmentation. Medium peels require about a week of recovery time, following specific instructions given by our physicians to help facilitate healing.


Deep Peels

Phenol peels, or "deep" peels, are the strongest peels available and provide the most dramatic results for more severe skin conditions. Deep peels offer more permanent results than other types of peels, but they do, however, require more recovery time. Deep peels are administered to clients under sedation. After the peel, the skin will look similar to a bad sunburn. and crusting and scabbing are normal parts of the recovery process as healing progresses. As a result, the client should plan on up to two weeks of recovery time.

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