Facial Implants
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Facial Implants

evansville midwest facial plastic surgery implantsFacial implants provide a more proportionate, youthful appearance to the face by balancing the symmetry of the face and enhancing overall attractiveness. Implants modify the size and shape of facial features, and have become a popular cosmetic alternative to methods such as facelifts or brow lifts. 


Chin Implants

A weak or receding chin is a common condition that can leave the face unbalanced. An inadequate projection of the chin causes the nose to appear especially large, and also creates problems with neck definition. Chin implants can help to enhance facial symmetry, especially with a large nose, and is frequently used in conjuction with nose procedures such as rhinoplasty. The implants are made of soft, biocompatible material, and are inserted via a small incision under the chin that heals well and is very inconspicuous. Within a month, most patients report the implant feels like a natural part of their chin.


Cheek Implants

Cheek implants create attractive, well-defined cheekbones by making the cheek bones fuller or filling out hollow areas beneath the cheek. During your consultation, we will choose from the many shapes and sizes of implants available to fit the needs of your unique facial shape and create the best look for you. 

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